What are the definitions of the different types of jobs?

There are four different types of jobs available and their definitions are as follows:
Full Time
Full-time employment normally entails a defined workweek, with eight-hour days and 40-hour weeks, however, this varies depending on the sector and the nature of the job. A five-day workweek is also assumed, however, this might vary depending on the occupation. The United States Department of Labor does not provide a precise definition of full-time employment, leaving the details to individual companies.
Part Time
A part-time job is one that requires an employee to work fewer hours per week than their employer considers full-time. However, because there are no standard amount of hours per week that constitutes full-time or part-time work, it is up to the employer to choose which jobs are classed as such.
Temporary employees are workers that are hired for a specific period of time and are only employed for that time. A temp can either be recruited directly by a firm or work for a staffing agency that places them on temporary assignments.

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